Summer of Code 2020

A number of summer programming activities for my current and past students.

It runs during the summer, from Jun 15 to Sep 30 and the main goal for the participants is to practice frequently and get into the habit of adopting and working on a pet project.


  1. Programming Weekly: Each Monday we set 2 LeetCode problems that should be solved in any language you prefer.
  2. Read a Paper Biweekly: We select an interesting (but not very difficult) research paper to read and discuss every 2 weeks.
  3. Head First Design Patterns: We go through this excellent book in order to understand important Design Patterns and build example cases in several programming languages to demonstrate when they are necessary.
  4. Robotics and Automation: A number of simple experiments using Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi aiming to build some bigger projects during September.
  5. Google Hashcode: The plan is to solve as many previous Hashcode problems as possible in order to prepare for future participation.
  6. Alumni Speech: A number of successful alumni are invited to talk to participants and inspire them to keep going.
  7. Tutorials: Several tutorials will take place on interesting topics like Git and GitHub, Drupal 9, SCRUM, and Kali Linux. More may be added depending on the participants interests.
  8. Projects: A number of large-scale projects are implemented giving the chance to face bigger challenges and near real life activities and complexity. These projects involve many different technologies and tools including Back-End, Front-End, and Mobile development.

All activities are online using Google Hangouts, Discord, and Slack. Regular updates will be posted in order to record progress and achievements.

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