Senior Project Instructions

Instructions for students who plan to work under my supervision for their final project:

When should I decide on the topic and start my research?

As soon as possible. The final project is offered during your last semester at the college, however it is a good idea to discuss about the research topics at least one semester before, so that you will have sufficient time to find references, learn required technologies and tools, and prepare all the details. This way you will spend the semester of the final project in the most effective and productive way.

Do I have to come up with my own topic?

If you have something in mind we can discuss about it and form a viable project out of it. Otherwise you can work on one of my ongoing projects.

Which are my main obligations and commitments?

  1. Research at least two (2) academic and/or technical topics related to your project
  2. Design your project based on the findings of your research
  3. Implement your design (at least a minimum viable part of it)
  4. Test your implementation and verify towards the design
  5. Write a thesis document according to the Harvard referencing style
  6. Present one of the academic papers of your research in a college event
  7. Present your work at the end of the semester to college faculty and students

Do I have to implement something? May I just write a theoretical thesis?

Yes. No.

How often will we meet?

Once per week. Meetings can be virtual via Zoom, MS-Teams, etc.

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